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bringing hope for tomorrow ... TODAY!

“The ability to work with Forrest one on one allowed me the opportunity to have a “neutral zone”.  Within our interactions I was able to challenge myself through the tasks Forrest offered to understand what I was hoping for in the present, as well as in the future.  Our discussions clarified what was needed to reach the goals identified.  Forrest was sensitive to the emotional difficulty that crept into the work, yet kept the process moving in the direction of change and acceptance.  Clarification of self-inflicted, and external roadblocks offered moments of clarity and growth.  Thank you Forrest – the work we did together has made me a better person both personally and professionally!”

Nancy Schaperkotter AM, LCSW, CEAP

"I engaged in coaching relationship with Rev. Forrest Clark over a period of one year to navigate a very labor intensive year of academic requirements, congregational challenges, conference obligations, and personal concerns. Coaching provided the structure for values clarification, needs assessment, and task prioritization for successful completion of a rigorous yet realistic schedule, providing a means for personal accountability and feedback. The experience was a life saver, which radically reduced the stress of a highly demanding year. Forrest gave the process guidance and focus, and brought to the relationship a dose of good cheer, truth, challenge, and encouragement. I cannot speak more highly of Forrest as a coach and would recommend him without reserve."

Rev. J. S.



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