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Life, Leadership,
and Conflict Coaching

Are you a leader who wants to take your leadership to the next step of achievement? Are you a new leader uncertain about what you need to do to be successful? Let Forrest help you! As your coach, he will walk alongside you, helping you to achieve a higher level of personal and professional performance in your leadership role.

Do you realize that you want more out of your life and vocation, but don't know how to get there? Are you living your passion in life, doing what you were meant to do … or called to do? Let Forrest help you! As your coach, he will work with you to discover a stronger, more focused sense of meaning, purpose, and vision for your life?

Do conflicted situations at work, at home, or in other important relationships and organizations of your life have you tied in knots, uncertain about what to do next? Let Forrest help you! As your coach, experienced in conflict resolution and transformation, he will help you discover effective ways to turn destructive conflict into creative opportunities and to bring peace into the troubled places of your life.

As your coach in matters of life, leadership, or conflict, Forrest's goal is to help you discover your own sense of vision, purpose, and calling to take your life to new levels of meaning, happiness, and success.

Clergy and Ministry Coaching to Religious Professionals

Are you an established church leader (ordained or lay, local church or regional judicatory) wondering how to take your ministry to a new level of effectiveness and meaning? Or are you a new pastor in a new place of ministry seeking assistance in starting right and moving forward?Or are you in a congregation that is stuck in a rut and you are wondering how to move them into a new level of ministry that inspires and invigorates the church? Forrest CAN help you! As a successful transitional pastor, judicatory staff leader, and consultant in church visioning and planning, Forrest is uniquely qualified to coach you to improvement in specific tasks and ministry roles, to help you understand the dynamics of congregational system, and to gain a new sense of vision about your goals and plans for effective ministry.

Conflict Resolution, Transformation, and Mediation

FSClark Services has formed a strategic alliance with Strategic Resolutions, LLC, of Milwaukee, WI, in order to provide an expanded range of services in the area of conflict conciliation, mediation, arbitration, coaching and consulting services.


As an organization, do you need assistance in developing a new sense of vision, purpose, or mission? Are you looking to develop a new strategic direction and map to guide you into the future? Forrest is an experienced vision, mission, and purpose development consultant with experience and resources to help across all facets of organizational life and development for nonprofits, churches, and private practices and partnerships.

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